Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Which Should Prevail--Anti-Discrimination or Religious Freedom?

From The National Post:

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal that sets anti-discrimination principles against religious freedom.

The case is part of a continuing battle by a student group, the Christian Legal Society (CLS), to defend its rights of religious liberty and freedom of association.

However, the University of California's Hastings College of the Law refuses to recognize the CLS because of what it calls the group's discriminatory membership requirements.

The CLS says all students are welcome to participate in its activities, but leadership and voting members must sign a Statement of Faith affirming they adhere to traditional Christian beliefs.

This will no doubt have implications for evangelical college groups operating on campus. Already there have been prominent conflicts between evangelical groups at a major Catholic University (here and here).

But it might be a good thing. Seems the Christian faith flourishes most when it does not have the sanction of governmental bodies.

So if you were on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court, which principle do you think should prevail?

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Anonymous said...

Aahh!! These post-modern people. You know I always wanted to try my hand at law, I wonder what requirements/opposition I would meet if I walked on to the campus of Hastings College of the Law with no degree or law experience. I would think…., better, I expect to be turned back, now would they honor me if I brought a discriminative suit/sanction against them, crying ‘DISCRIMINATION!!!’

It seems these days that that word (discrimination) is the word grownups use when they are left out of a club; they misuse the word to get their way. Not when a real injustice has been committed making the word more and more ambiguous.

Classic post-modernism, giving itself privileges it won’t allow someone else.

I would side with ‘religious freedom’ why? Because discrimination is not being committed here by the CLS. They’ve welcomed all but clearly defined what it means to serve in their organization.

It is a fallacy that continues to resonate throughout many who are irreligious, that Christianity is the only religious world view that’s exclusive. No!! All major religious world views are exclusive, Christianity is exclusive, Islam is exclusive, Sikhism is excusive, Hinduism is exclusive, and Buddhism is exclusive (Gautama Buddha was born a Hindu he rejected the Vedas (Hindu scriptures) & cast system). The Baha’i are the only ‘inclusivist’ and even they exclude those who are exclusivist.

I agree it’s these kinds of opposition that should bring a smile to the Christians face, indeed it is in this atmosphere that the Church of God flourishes.

Soli deo Gloria!

Cayman Reformer