Friday, December 04, 2009

Should You Allow Someone to Resign from Church Membership When They Are About to Be Disciplined?

Check out Russell Moore and Greg Wills, church historian and author of Democratic Religion, as they briefly (3.5 minutes) discuss this issue.

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Anonymous said...

You could refuse they’re resignation and pursue in hopes of disciplining and restoring. As disheartening as someone leaving a church family is, you can’t stop them from leaving if they’ve decided to leave. You can only hope that they leave for the right reasons. In this case if they are leaving a church that believes and practices church discipline this day and age, their reason(s) for leaving most likely won’t be good ones. I would elect to discipline that person before they’ve resigned or before bringing the matter of resignation before the church members and allow them to resign afterwards if it’s still their desire. It would not be good for the body of Christ and the brother/sister, if they entered into another church body (if they’re not apostatizing), not having a sin which needed church discipline to be implemented, addressed.

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