Friday, July 07, 2006

2nd Friday Challenge: Thomas a Kempis on Pilgrimage

I had rather be poor for Thy sake, than rich without Thee. I choose rather to be a pilgrim upon the earth with Thee than without Thee to possess heaven. Where Thou art, there is heaven; and where Thou are not, behold there death and hell. (The Imitation of Christ, Third Book, chapter LIX)

From day to day, how conscious is our choice to be a pilgrum on earth with Christ? How conscious and pervasive is out clutching onto Jesus and the hope of heaven? Or, are we more often than not unconsciously/uncritically embracing "death and hell" with an all-too-unaware approach to living?


Orangette said...

Thabiti, good post, great point.

I am encouraged by this thought about living as exiles on the earth - I mean, what part of the Bible makes sense without this understanding? - and also was encouraged by your testimony at the Henry forum last week. I am reading Edwards on Matt 5:8 (Works, vol2), and it is an enrapturing meditation on what it means to see God. This is the hope that He intends to sustain us in such pilgrimage.

Also, my wife and I live in NC - which part are you from?

FellowElder said...

B & B,
Thanks for the comments. I'll definitely take a look at the Edwards meditation on Matt 5:8. May all of Christ's people live longing for the home to come!

I am originally from Lexington, NC -- barbeque capitol of the world!! The good stuff, too, not that Eastern NC stuff my wife loves (little intra-marriage rivalry there ;-))

We lived in Raleigh for 12 years before moving to the DC area. I noticed you linked to Providence and Treasuring Christ there in Raleigh. Do you attend either of those churches? Horner at Providence is a good brother, and I've heard good things about Scott at Treasuring Christ.

Lew said...

Thanks Thabiti for this encouraging post!

I really enjoyed hearing you preach at CLC this past Sunday as well. It's amazing how His grace is greater then all my sin, cuz let me tell ya, I got a lot of sin.

Orangette said...

My pleasure. Yeah, it's a long sermon for sure, but like I explained to my wife last night, that's the great thing about old, hard sermons - they make you meditate and find God's gold with time.

Yes, I am familiar with Lexington. My college rock band played there several times at a Christian youth club run by some older bikers, one of them named Moses - an interesting mix, there! And we loved the bbq there!

My wife and I currently live in Raleigh and are fellow graduates of NCSU. I was raised here, and was a member of Providence Baptist from 1997-2005, when I transferred to TCC. My wife and I met at Providence, though, and we have fond memories of the church and its college ministry. We love Pastor Horner and our current pastors at TCC, but I'm not sure who Scott is, you may be thinking of Sean instead.

I do know and love Paul Curtis, though, from our days at PBC together. How is he? I can't figure out how to get in touch with him. That was a great sermon he preached a few weeks ago; it encouraged my soul.

Thanks for the quick reply!

In Christ,

FellowElder said...

Hey Britt,
College rock band at a Christian youth club run by old bikers! That's priceless!

And yes... I meant Sean, not Scott. If I have the right guy, he was at Bethlehem for a while, no?

I'll let Paul know you're looking for him.

Grace and peace,

FellowElder said...

I'm glad the Lord encouraged you with Eph. 2. It was a joy to open the Word with the CovLife family, and lift praise to the Lord together. I pray the Lord brings me back that way soon. Grace and peace,