Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Blogs for Your Soul

I've decided to add to my list of blogs/links a couple sites I've been benefitting from lately. I hope you'll check them out as well.

The first is Dan Edelen at Cerulean Sanctum. He's consistently insightful, chooses good topics, and is a good writer, a precious combination of qualities. I'd suggest you start with two posts from the last couple of weeks: Spiritainment, a critique of the individualistic, commercialized, and entertainment-focused culture of the church today; and "Chapter, Verse, Blog," a winsome lament of the tendency among too many Christians to turn the Scripture into a jigsaw puzzle of favorite verses and prooftexts. Good, edifying reading.

The second is Nathan Finn's blog The Fullness of Time. It's a blog devoted to Baptist history. Helpful resources and insights from a historical Baptist perspective. For a wider perspective, see the bloggers at Reformation Theology who come from various traditions with solidarity in Reformed theolgoy. For a broader historical perspective still, I've also added Historia Ecclesiastica.

Also, I enjoy the usually insightful and timely comments of Russell Moore over at the Carl F. H. Henry Instute for Evangelical Engagement. Russ and co. are thoughtful observors of our culture and helpful on a range of things from apologetics to political commentary to theology to... well, go check them out and see.

Perhaps one day I'll get around to categorizing some of these links for ease.


Dan Edelen said...


Thank you so much for including Cerulean Sanctum in your blogroll, plus for all the nice things you said about the guy who blogs there!


FellowElder said...

A pleasure friend. Keep up the excellent writing. Grace and peace,