Saturday, July 22, 2006

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

A recap of some interesting posts deserving wider readership:

Mark Lauterbach of GospelDrivenLife shares some helpful thoughts on Gospel Freedom.

Ben Wright at Paleoevangelical reflects on a recent CT interview ("Experiencing Life at the Margins") with an African Bishop of the Episcopal church and asks this question, "Is America the Center of God's Activitiy in the World?"

Nathan Finn at The Fullness of Time directs us to a helpful primer/reflection on "What Makes Baptism Valid?"

Russell Moore at the Carl F. H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement helps us to pray about the Middle East conflict and the kingdom of God where true peace is found.

J. Ligon Duncan on Sinclair Ferguson on John Owen on the two basic tasks of pastoral ministry.


Unknown said...

great links - esp the Americentric one. provocative!

FellowElder said...

I found that interview to be a good challenge for the American Christian. I'm still noodling a bit on it, and am thankful for the good way the Bishop pushed us to realize that God's creative and redemptive purposes don't rest on our effort or inginuity. Good stuff.