Monday, February 09, 2009

Singleness Q&A

Yesterday we wrapped up out 6 week Sunday school class on singleness and courtship. Today, a helpful list of questions and answers on singleness from Piper:

1. How is singleness better than marriage?
2. How can singles help foster a relational culture at church?
3. How do I deal with the intense longing to be married?
4. What are the trials unique to singleness, and how do you recommend combating them?
5. What would you say to someone who thinks their sexual sin has disqualified them from ministry?
6. What do you think about masturbation?
7. Is it OK for a single woman to pursue a career?

I'm particularly interested in question 2. What does your church do on this one?

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Dwayne Forehand said...

This is a small thing, but get enough of them and it becomes a big one. :) One single lady I know has a huge lunch every single Sunday. She invites different singles, couples and visitors to our Sunday service.

My wife and I have been invited a few times and had a great time! We wish we could emulate her, but the palce where we are at with 4 kids, well, we could do it once in a while, but not every Sunday.

It's a little example of how someone is using their singleness to foster community.

Oh and one more! I know another single lady who organizes a group vacation every year for over a dozen different people. A beach house is rented and meals are setup. She plans the whole thing!

That's another example of a single person making use of their "extra time" to help foster community! :D