Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's Impressive About Briarwood Presbyterian?

The first-time visitor will no doubt first notice the size of the campus. The locals affectionately call it "Briarworld." Truth be told, it's probably one of the largest church campuses I've ever visited. Actually got a little misdirected driving to the meeting place tonight.

But what's really impressive about Briarwood has nothing to do with the buildings. The chapel soars, but even more so does the spirit of the people of Briarwood. What's far more impressive is the earnest and deep hospitality, warmth, and evangelistic zeal of the people. Two things have been prominent from the moment I first shook hands with a Briarwood person: (1) genuine love for the brethren, and (2) genuine love for the lost.

Now, I'd rather be with the humble, joyful, gospel-loving, Jesus-cherishing people of FBC on the Lord's Day. But if I'm going to be somewhere else, I'm really glad to be with the dear people of the Lord at Briarwood. And what's really sweet is the fact that the Lord has people like this all over the world! Oh, the Body of Christ is a wondrous thing!

Praying you have a wonder-filled Lord's Day tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...


It's great to have you at Briarwood for Missions Week.

After following your blog for several years, it was quite a nice surprise to see you scheduled for the conference.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Birmingham. We are blessed to have you hear.