Friday, February 20, 2009

Upcoming Travels, Speaking and Prayer Request

In God's kindness, and with the loving prayer and support of the saints at FBC, I'm off to Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham to speak at their Global Ministries Conference. I'm looking forward to time with Bro. Harry Reeder and the Briarwood family, thinking together about this wondrous privilege of taking the Good News of our Savior and Lord to the ends of the earth.

Following the time at Briarwood, we travel to Southeast Asia for a 1.5 weeks of ministry there. I'll be leading a two-day conference on the gospel in all of Scripture with student leaders from around the region. Following that, there'll be a public Muslim-Christian dialogue on the topic "Who Is God and How Are We Saved." Speaking a couple times at a local church and various things through the week.

I covet your prayers for all these opportunities. Should the Lord bring us to mind, please ask Him to enlarge the work of His Spirit in these opportunities, edifying, establishing, and expanding His church, particularly in the unreached areas of southeast Asia. Please pray the Lord would show Himself in saving power during the time there. Please pray that Christ’s love, glory, power, holiness, deity, wrath and grace might be seen for what it truly is, and that every knee would bow!


Anonymous said...

The Pohlman family will be praying for your ministry, Thabiti. Consistent with your words above.



Anonymous said...

Don't know me personally but I've been encouraged by your books and blog. Will pray for you.May our God open a door for the gospel and may you proclaim with clarity and boldness.

Logos Life Ministries said...

You will be in my prayers as your travel..along with your family and congregation!

Boaly said...

Definately continue praying for you brother. Trust the Lord glorifies Himself in all