Monday, March 02, 2009

Muslim-Christian Dialogue

Just a quick update for those who are interested and who would have a moment to pray. Monday (today) at 10am-1pm EST, I'll have the privilege of participating in a third Muslim-Christian dialogue in Southeast Asia. The topic for the dialogue, chosen by my Muslim dialogue partner, is "Who Is God and How Are We Saved?" It's an historical opportunity to advance Christian-Muslim understanding in this part of the world, to model significant exhange between committed believers in these respective faiths, and, most importantly, to consider this truly important question with eternal consequence.

My partner is a young man I had the privilege of meeting during an earlier visit to the region. His name is Bassam Zawadi, an intelligent and spirited Muslim apologist. He recently debated David Wood, Teaching Fellow at Fordham University, on the question of whether Christianity or Islam is true. Scroll down here.

Pray for Bassam and me as we engage each other in this discussion. Please pray for the audience, for the region, for those who will watch later by video and YouTube, and most of all for the Truth to be clearly seen, and seen, believed.


Anonymous said...

I will lift you up in prayer as you proclaim the Gospel. Your preching at our church's mission conference last week was a great blessing! It sure would be great to have you back.Thank you so much and Lord bless you!


ajcarter said...

You got it, my man.

Lord, may your Spirit abound in our brother as he seeks to witness humbly, boldly, and faithfully your name and truth. May you open the ears and the hearts of all those who hear and may they come to find the Way, the Truth, and the Life irresistible.

In Christ. Amen

Unknown said...

My roommates and I prayed for you at 10am, Thabiti! Luckily we had a snow day in DC, so we were all stranded at home, eating breakfast together when normally we would've been at work. God's sovereignty at work again...:) Glad we could be with you in spirit.

Tarek said...

As usual, moslims will win :S
I've never seen a Muslim lose a debate.