Thursday, January 01, 2009

What to Do About Those Darn Resolutions

Instead of resolutions, David Matthis recommends we take a healthy dose of the good Dr. Lloyd-Jones for the new year. He directs us especially to this quote from Spiritual Depression:

Would you like to be rid of this spiritual depression? The first thing you have to do is to say farewell now once and forever to your past. Realize that it has been covered and blotted out in Christ. Never look back at your sins again. Say: ‘It is finished, it is covered by the Blood of Christ'. That is your first step. Take that and finish with yourself and all this talk about goodness, and look to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only then that true happiness and joy are possible for you. What you need is not to make resolutions to live a better life, to start fasting and sweating and praying. No! You just begin to say:

I rest my faith on Him alone
Who died for my transgressions to atone. (35)

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Erik said...


I agree with you...I need a healthy dose of Lloyd-Jones this year.

Lloyd-Jones is right on when he says that, "What you need is not to make resolutions to live a better life..."

This statement flies right in the face of Joel Osteen and these other 'preachers' [motivational speakers] that talk about obtaining happiness and success outside of Christ.

Thanks for this fantastic quote by (in my humble opinion) the best preacher of the 20th century.

I enjoy your Christ-centered content and posts!

Soli Deo Gloria!