Monday, January 05, 2009

A Most Excellent First Monday in 2009

Today started a bit slowly. I've been fighting off a cold or flu for the past couple days. So, it was a congested, sluggish start.

I arrived in the office in time to pick up a big stack of mail, answer a couple emails, then begin meeting with staff one-on-one. I am so thankful for the team the Lord has and is assembling here. Such gifted men and women passionate about the cross and committed in love to this body of believers. The day began to perk up as the Lord made me freshly aware of how privileged I am to serve with and lead this team, and as we considered many of the ministry opportunities before us in the next couple of months.

The day was going so good I didn't even flinch when my wife showed up and told me the car needed a major unexpected repair.

Then a young woman, who had asked yesterday following the service if she could come meet with me to discuss spiritual things, came in to meet. She's had a varied church background, but it seems the Lord is opening her heart through repentance and faith to believe upon and trust Him. What a privilege it was to hear of the Sovereign Spirit's work in her life in bringing her to Christ. What a joy to pray with this dear woman, a newborn sister in Christ whom I trust will walk with the Lord all her remaining days!

May the Lord be praised for using His word! How wonderful to be used, an earthen vessel, to share the riches of the glory of Christ from Sunday to Sunday and to see Him call lost ones to himself! This is the sweetest calling! It's the first Monday in 2009, boy I hope all the remaining Mondays are like this one! But if not... I'm encouraged.


Mark Dever said...

Praise God! He is so faithful to bless us, and to bless others through you, dear brother!

kathy said...

I listen to your sermons every week -- and I live in Colorado. Your words (God's words) are a blessing to me!

For your cold or flu, if you will take Olive Leaf (purple bottle by Nature's Way - 4x a day) the minute you get a cold...combined with at least 4 Effer-C packets (made by NOW)....I promise, you'll be well before you can sneeze again. And it won't hurt you. It really works (and you know how we are in Colorado.....we study these things!)

Thank you for the blessing you have been in my spiritual walk. There is a great spiritual void in our city -- it is so hard to find strong biblical teaching here. If you ever get tired of the Cayman Islands (cough cough), we could use you here!

God bless you and feel better.