Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Make It Plain Preacher!

Derek Thomas asks:

Which of these two statements do preachers most like to hear: a) "I didn't understand much of what you said, but I love to hear you preach," or "You know, when I hear you preach I say to myself, 'I could have seen that in the text"?

Read here for his short response.


Anonymous said...

I'd have to vote for the latter!

Hayden said...

Latter for sure! For me CJ Mahaney is a great example of that one. I often say that after I hear him preach but am also always amazed at how the Lord uses messages from CJ to really change me!

Red_Cleric said...

I love it when someone says, "well duh" after the sermon. I recall an old bible covered with penciled notes from the old guy who preached at my home church. He made it clear, simple and applicable. I should do as well.

Greg Breazeale said...

I dont know! I think either one would be hard to swallow, at least for me! The first one would be ego-elating, but not Christ exalting. In regards to the second I dont want to think I am the only one who can teach the text but would like to think I can take my people a little deeper!

There should be a third option! LOL

Like: "I am not too impressed with you or your preaching, but man God uses your sermons to grow me!"

I vote YES.


Hayden said...


I hear what you say, but I would rather encourage them to study so well and see the text and understand it that they would say, "If I had the same amount of time that you do to study the text I could come up with the same main points." I never want them to be so dependent on me. Pastors come and go and the people must be able to study the Word on their own.

Greg I understand what you are saying though. I also appreciate your option and would not differ too much with it :--)

Boaly said...

Yeh, I'm guilty of the latter. So often after someone preaches i'm thinking 'that is so obvious in that text' usually followed by 'i'm so dumb for not having seen it already'.