Friday, May 15, 2009

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

Eric Redmond interviews Bryan Chappel about his forthcoming book, Christ-Centered Worship: Letting the Gospel Shape Our Practice.

Colin posts a list pdf's and audio of Bryan Chappel's preaching classes here. [Link Fixed] Colin comments: "Much of what I’ve learned about the theory behind sermon-preparation is a series of lectures I listened to from Bryan Chapell. These introductory lectures give you an excellent starting point from which you can adapt your own approach. One thing I really like about Chapell’s homiletics course, is that it is a course on preaching taught by someone who can really preach! Amen?" Amen!

Matt Schmucker takes about six minutes to explain biblical church discipline on Moody Radio. Worth the listen.

Piper wrestles with the question: Should a pastor continue in ministry if he has an unbelieving child? (HT: JT) Feeling like he wants to take a crack at all the tough questions today, Piper also answers, "What should I do if my wife says she doesn't love me?"


Mike S. said...

Hi Thabiti,

I tried to click on Bryan Chappel's link except it seemed to be a wrong hyperlink!


Rileysowner said...

The link to Bryan Chappel's preaching classes does not work.

John said...

I've listened to most of Dr. Chappel's preaching lectures; they are fantastic. I find myself thinking about something he said often.