Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Way I Know Ireland Really Impacted My Daughters

They keep writing lymricks. Like these (which together tell the story of my life):

A pastor, a dad is Thabiti
Each Tuesday he goes to a meeti
Preaching two times a week
May sound rather bleak
But with God there is no defeati

He goes by the name Pastor T
He winds down at night with the wii
He loses in boxing
But for a little detoxing
Eats ice cream and plays with Small T

Daddy loves Afiya and Eden
Next year he may take them to Sweden
It ain’t for sure yet
But you better bet
The girls keep askin’ each evenin’

A preacher, a pastor, a dad
The best jobs he’s ever had
Takes a lot of work
So he eats lots of jerk
And that makes him even more glad

Afiya and Daddy for fun
Like reading and writing and gum
They play some Civ IV
Then read even more
But they don’t like to sit in the sun

Dad and Eden like to compete
So each night on the wii they shall meet
Eden knocks him out twice
That ain’t even nice
‘Cause you know after that Dad’s dead meat!


Anonymous said...

Precious! I know the discussions from which this post is derived will be some you will treasure forever. I'm glad the family was able to share the joy of this trip with you. I smiled more at this post than at any other post around the blogsphere today.

Tara Barthel said...


Loved it!!

Thanks, Anyabwile family.

The Barthels

Boaly said...


AspiringTheologian said...

That's actually quite good! Well done.