Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just in Passing...

Sometimes the things that impact us most are things we hear in passing. It happens with conversations and sermons all the time. Someone says something that's almost a line in passing and the hearer is profoundly impacted.

This past week at Worship God, there were two things that struck me that way.

First, my daughter Kasey prayed in thanksgiving to God "that we awoke under grace and not under wrath." Okay, that's something to be thankful for everyday. It's impacted my prayers and my greetings since I first heard it.

Second, perhaps more intentional, on a couple occasions I heard Bob Kauflin mention "living in the good of the gospel." Made me think more about where I "live," if it's in all of the rich wonder and goodness of the gospel. Am I applying the gospel in every way that I can to my daily life?

Just a couple things I heard in passing that have impacted my thinking and living.

How about you? Heard anything in passing that's impacted you lately?


TM said...

John Piper was on a radio talk show here in NC (Truth Talk Live) and he said [something like] this, "God could not have ordained the cross of Christ, if He did not ordain sin." I can't remember anything else he said, but that made my heart skip a beat and solidified even more God's sovereign rule.


Danny Slavich said...

The preschool at our church is losing money this summer. I asked our financial secretary about getting me records for the past 5 years to see when the last time it made (or didn't lose) money was. She mentioned that in the past they didn't worry so much about the money but viewed it as a ministry.

And it used to do a lot better financially then too.

Something about "Seek first his kingdom..." comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Why worry about the things that God already has plans to take you through? Oh yeah, and he has plans to take you through all things!