Sunday, August 09, 2009

Things NOT to Say to Your Wife

Me: Sweetie, that was a wonderful dinner. Thank you for putting so much love into it.

Wife: I'm glad you enjoyed it. What are about to do now?

Me: I think I'll go curl up with Lloyd-Jones.

Though she knows I've been enjoying reading Iain Murray's biography of Lloyd-Jones, saying to your wife, "I think I'll go curl up with Lloyd-Jones" doesn't sound right any way you accent it!


LouLove said...

Remedy for never saying that you are going to curl up with Lloyd-Jones.

Get a blow up of his picture from Volume 2 and put it some conspicuous place and you will never say that you are goint to curl up with Lloyd-Jones again.

kerux said...

TA -
How I wish I could hear the REST of that conversation!!!