Friday, November 06, 2009

You're So Early 80s

Yeah that's me. The last mobile phone I owned was a bag phone you plugged into the cigarette lighter of your car.

In terms of secular rap, I think Rakim still reigns. Never understood the Biggie, Pac, or Jay-Z thing.

We own all the seasons of the Cosby Show on DVD. Still watch them.

And I still read books that are actually printed! I've watched this Kindle phenomena with something resembling mild disgust. Give me book dust any day!

That's why I didn't even know that What Is a Healthy Church Member? and The Faithful Preacher are available on Kindle. Now, I have mild disdain for technology, but not for book readers who use the technology. So, if this is your kind of thing, have it. And if you check out one or both of these books, I pray they bless you real good.


David Kjos said...

I have a phone like that! I only got it so I could be reached at work if my wife went into labor. I never needed it, and I haven't used a cell phone since.

Anonymous said...

Evangel of Christcentric recently posted a fantastic rebuke to one of Rakim's newer songs. I recommend.