Monday, July 02, 2007

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

Today is a national holiday in the Cayman Islands (despite there being a lot of Canadians in Cayman, it's not a celebration of Canada Day :-)). So, with a day off and the rest of the family vacationing in the U.S., I'm doing a little "spring cleaning" (on the blog, that is).
First off, a few posts that I want to point out in case folks missed them.

Tony Carter includes a photo summary of the recent Reformed theology conference sponsored in the Chicago area by the saints at New Life Fellowship Church. Our brother Lance Lewis includes ten reasons to attend next year. It was sweet communion and I'm looking forward to posting some brief reflections of my own later this week, D.V.

Speaking of Conferences, the Third Annual Miami Pastors' Conference has released its theme and speaker line up for this year. The Conference is scheduled for Nov. 8-10, 2007 and focuses on the question, "What Is the Gospel?" The speakers for this year include conference regulars Ken Jones, pastor of Greater Union Baptist Church and Tony Carter. Also joining the speaking team this year is Michael Horton of the White Horse Inn. Mark it down. It should be a great time of fellowship in the word.

Recently elected 2nd Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Eric Redmond, shares this brief interview with the new Dean of the Howard University Divinity School. This requires a fervent prayer initiative and thorough response. (HT: Tony Carter). While you're visiting Eric's blog, you might check out his ruminations on "Race, Presidential Forums, and Evangelicals" and the recent SCOTUS decision.

Justin Taylor has provided links to the short application interviews NA is posting from the recent conference on discernment. These short bits are a wonderful idea for furthering the conference's effect. Hats off to the person that thought this up.

Secondly, I want to make some long overdue updates to my blog links. These are blogs most are already well aware of, blogs that are adding to the spiritual lives of their readers. Enjoy if you haven't already:

1. First, a couple of group blogs that have given me the privilege of contributing from time to time. It's a joy to share with the other brothers who comment on these sites:

Church Matters, the group blog of 9Marks ministries

Council of Reforming Churches, group blog including several Reformed African-American pastors

2. Also, I'm adding the Desiring God blog.

3. My brother Mike Gilbart-Smith's blog, Loving Church, is an excellent site. He's currently listing and evaluating evangelistic websites and materials. Check him out.
4. My brother Wyeth Duncan writes thoughtful and helpful things over at A Debtor to Mercy. And what a wonderfully appropriate name for a blog--for debtors to our God's mercy we are!

Well... now I'm feeling a bit more like Mr. Clean. So... enough for now. Off to enjoy this holiday.

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