Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We Told You So

Researchers (a classification that supposedly lends credibility to any statement) have apparently come to the conclusion that human beings come from one source. In a July 19th article in Nature, a team of British researchers at Cambridge University report that by combining global genetic variations in humans with 6,000 skull measurements across the world they have proven that humanity originated in sub-Saharan African from a single parent. The researchers argue that their genetic study rules out the possibility of multiple origins for the species and rules out the possibility of origins other than sub-Saharan Africa. In a strange twist of eugenic fate, turns out the size of the skull does have something to do with the people of the world: we all come from one parent.

Didn't God tell us this a long time ago?


GUNNY said...

I had a "researcher" tell our kids this in Sunday school, he only needed one Book for his research, however.

; - )

Thanks for the find. I've got a guy at church who is our creation boy and he will be particularly jazzed.

LouLove said...

You are not trying to make a case (on the sly) for not giving nicknames to big head people are you, Mr. Head-Quarters?