Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Around the Blog in 80 Seconds

Help Wanted:
The T4G guys are looking for help connecting pastors and mapping connections.

Thinking Deeply About God:
The folks at NA have made available Bruce Ware's address “Equal in Essence, Distinct in Function: The Roles and Relations of the Trinitarian Persons of the Eternal Godhead”. They're listed some other good recommendations for resources for "exploring God." See here.

Engaging the Culture
While at NA check out Ricky Alcantar's interview with Nathan Sasser called "The Clash." It's an exploration of the Christian's responsibility re: the culture.

Said at Southern has a podcast interview with Russel Moore called "On the Gospel, Culture and Evangelism." I appreciate Moore's clear-mindedness and courage in things I've read or heard from him. Looking forward to listening this this one as well.

Sinners or Saints?
Cerulean Sanctum is contemplating the tendency of Christians to blur the distinctions between sinners and saints, and perhaps failing to recognize all that Christ does in our redemption.

Thank You
A couple of fellow bloggers (Unashamed Workman and Said at Southern) have kindly mentioned Pure Church among their list of blogs that have been helpful. I just wanted to say thank you to those saints and give the Lord of glory all the praise for anything that He chooses to use from this blog in encouraging others. And I'm thankful that brothers who have really encouraged and helped me have likewise been encouraged here. "As iron sharpens iron...."

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