Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who Is King of Your Castle?

Please pardon the chauvinist overtones of this post's title. But that's the question asked by a few researchers at Iowa State University during interview research with 72 couples. The researchers' findings suggest that wives are ruling the roost in a lot more homes that typically believed.

There are some obvious flaws in the study, including small sample size (making it impossible to generalize the findings) and no apparent controls for social desirability (the ways in which people tend to give answers they think the researchers want to hear or that make them "look good" socially).

But I wonder, those research method problems aside, whether the study might not be accurate for a good percentage of homes, including Christian homes. What do you think? Are men or women ruling the roost?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I do believe this is a problem even within Christian marriages despite the Biblical word for the opposite. I do think that, method flaws aside, that the study is correct that many women do make the major decisions in the home and the men follow along. I read the findings from the report and I think right back to some close friends or family members where this is exactly how things are run in the home. It is hopeful, though, especially with powerful resources like CBMW and JBMW available. I hope that this tide turns for the sake of the gospel.

Pastor Randy said...

I firmly believe that it is taken place in many homes, including Christian homes. It is obvious if you look at churches. In many churches today, women are in charge in one form or another. I am a pastor in Rocky Mount, NC and I see this very clearly in my church. I believe it is crucial for churches to begin to teach (if they haven't already) on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Anonymous said...

I think it is true.