Monday, July 30, 2007

John Stott's Final Exhortation to Be Like Jesus

John R. W. Stott is a towering figure in the Christian world. The Lord has undoubtedly impacted an innumerable number of pastors, churches and Christians through his sermons, books, commentaries, articles and so forth.

At age 86, Stott is retiring from public ministry. He delivered his final public exposition on July 17th at Keswick. You can get the talk here (HT: UA). Appropriately, Stott exhorted his audience to be more like Jesus. It's an appropriate topic for one who has dedicated decades to teaching others to follow the Master and written excellent books like The Cross of Christ and The Incomparable Christ. The Christian Post also covered the address and Stott's career here (HT: I pray that all of us finish so well and labor so fruitfully for decades should the Lord tarry.

If you're new to the ministry of Stott, you might start by checking out the website of the Langham Partnership.

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Tom Goodman said...

Stott's "Between Two Worlds" remains my favorite book on preaching, and his "Cross of Christ" had a major impact on me as I was first trying to explain the cross in my preaching. I've read a number of other Stott books and articles as well, but these immediately came to mind when I read your post. Blessings on the pastor of my favorite island church!