Thursday, May 03, 2007

Baptists and Baptism

One would think that most baptists are "died in the wool baptists," by which I mean are knowledgeable about what baptism is and why it's important, and maybe even a little zealous for the practice. But if the truth be told, most evangelicals--baptists among them--are "soft" on baptism. Far from zealous, many are indifferent.

As a convinced baptist, that saddens me. It saddens me because of the rich theology, symbolism and meaning of this ordinance left to us by our God and Savior himself. So, it's with some delight that I saw JT's reference to Van Neste's paper "Reinvigorating Baptist Practice of the Ordinances." It's also timely because, Lord willing, we'll be considering Matthew 3 on Sunday morning, a text where baptism figures prominently.

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