Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Christianity Confronts Islam

While at the DG Pastors' Conference this past February, a young man from Advancing Native Missions pressed into my hands a White Horse Inn CD interview of Sam Solomon. He told me I must listen to the interview of this former Muslim jurist converted to Christ. Well, I've finally listened to the CD and I'm sorry I've waited so long. It's easily the best interview in radio format I've ever heard.

I tried to find the links for the audio at the White Horse Inn. The program is listed in the archives (I've pasted them below), but I didn't find actual audio. For my money, this would be a great program to re-air. Apparently Advancing Native Missions acquired permission to reproduce and distribute the CD. Interested folks may be able to find a copy there. Going through the effort to get a copy will be well worth the investment!

October 1, 2006
Christianity Confronts Islam (Part 1)
On this edition of the White Horse Inn, Dr. Michael Horton talks with former Muslim and professor of Shari'ah Law, Sam Solomon, about the true nature of Islam and the significant threat it presents, not only to the western world in general, but specifically to all weak and sentimental forms of the Christian faith.

Islamization of Europe, by Shane Rosenthal
The Convert, by Cal Thomas

Islam & the Cross, by Samuel M. Zwemer
Londonistan, by Melanie Phillips

Artist: Roger Hooper, Song: "India Mission"
Album: Unreleased

Christianity Confronts Islam (Part 1)

October 8, 2006
Christianity Confronts Islam (part 2)
Christianity Confronts Islam (Part 2)


Jeff Fuller said...

We have the mp3s hosted on our website. Feel free to share the links. We hope everyone downloads them!

Anonymous said...

Hello Thabiti! Just a note to say how much I appreciate your blog and to let you know that the Christianity Confronts Islam series is avaliable in mp3...

PT 1:

PT 2:


Tony Reinke
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