Monday, May 28, 2007

I Am Grateful for Dave Jorge

You all should meet Dave Jorge. He is the pastor of worship here at First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman. It is an honor to serve the people of FBC alongside Dave.

He loves the way I number points in the sermons; so the numbered points below are just for Dave. Here are some things you should know about Dave Jorge and why I thank God for him.

1. He is faithful.

It's required of stewards that they should be faithful. Dave in his six year tenure at FBC by all accounts has proven a faithful shepherd. He is no hireling serving when it's convenient or advantageous in some way.

How would you respond if your community and home were destroyed by some catastrophic event? What would you do if you had the opportunity to pick up and start over elsewhere after such an event? And how would your decision be influenced if you were significantly understaffed and overworked at your job, and perhaps there was great uncertainty at work?

My brother remained on island during the country's most devastating hurricane, hurricane Ivan in 2004. Many expatriates had to leave the island in the storm's aftermath. And a great number of those never returned. I don't judge them; the storm was indeed devastating. Dave and his family could have called it quits and bailed, and I'm not sure many people would have blamed him. But he has made Grand Cayman home and the people of FBC his family, and he gave himself fully to their care and recovery. The church was without a senior pastor in that time; the elders were basically brand-spanking new; and a church split would soon begin to brew. And pretty much no one had any experience with category 5 hurricane events. What did Dave do? Dave rounded up the people, loved them, organized tons of outreach and care activities. During the weeks following the hurricane, with the main church building pretty much destroyed, Dave and others organized food relief from the church's kitchen that served some 50,000+ meals. He was faithful to love and care and pray for the people--even to the detriment of his physical health. My brother is faithful

2. He is longsuffering and compassionate.

Dave does not give up on people. If anything, he perhaps assumes too much responsibility for other people. His compassion and patience seems to know no limits. I don't think I know many people who are so quick to "mourn with those who mourn" and who bear with the weak. When someone is sick or hurting, Dave is there. He has great wells of compassion, empathy and mercy.

2. He is generous and giving.

The Lord has gifted him with a strong gift of helps. The brother is a servant. Actually, both he and his wife are servants given to quickly without hesitation dropping all to serve others. They make a wonderful team. In the last year, he's done triple duty as pastor, working on everything from his day job (pastor of worship) as well as the building admistrator and contractor helping to oversee reconstruction, to counseling, and chief cook and bottle washer. I've watched him help friends with their businesses, volunteer at community playhouse productions, give a late-night tow to certain other pastors when they put diesel fuel in their unleaded car engine, and give a little girl's bike a complete lube job (when she really only wanted her brakes adjusted :-)). The Lord has made him tremendously giving.

3. He is an accomplished musician.

This is another way the Lord has gifted him. And while he could be putting that gift to lucrative secular use, he dedicated himself to the work of the kingdom in this area. He has blessed an unnumbered group of souls through the worship ministry at the church and at other places. And this is a tremendous help to me. I'm thankful for his giftedness in this area because I'm a musical illiterate! I thank God for making us a team and for using Dave in a very gospel-centered, Christ-exalting way in the music ministry of FBC.

4. He is humble and gracious.

I assure you he's already made awkward at this post. He would prefer none of the spotlight. He would genuinely prefer the background, quietly doing all the things no one else wants to do. He does not draw people to himself, but points them consistently to Christ and His glory. The Lord has worked that good fruit and disposition in him and it's a blessing to all who work with him.

I praise and thank God for the joy of knowing and laboring with Dave Jorge. He is a gift to the saints at FBC and to this preaching pastor.

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Joyce Moore said...

What a wonderful summary of Dave Jorge. After knowing him for only a little of two weeks from a visit to the Grand Caymans, Dave is one I will never forget. He is indeed a wonderful person along with his lovely wife Kathy and son. And since I was traveling with the pastor who put the diesel in his car yes Dave came to the rescue. Thank you Dave.
He is also a wonderful cook and host. His talents is beyond belief and he plays music that is soothing to the ears. And a voice of an angel. He is indeed a man of many talents.
Thank you Pastor Thabiti for recogizing Dave and thank you Dave for being a wonderful shepard and servant.
Joyce W. Moore
North Carolina