Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Has Michelle Obama Reignited "the Mommy Wars"?

Al Mohler has an interesting commentary on Michelle Obama's decision to be a full-time wife and mother as First Lady rather than continue in a professional career. Apparently, many feminists have objected that she is "letting down the team" by deciding to focus on her marriage and children while her husband assumes the most demanding job in the country.

Mohler applauds Mrs. Obama's decision, and I join him.

This election has brought with it so many assumption-overturning events that at some point we're going to have to seriously consider casting aside the old party lines and stereotypes. For instance, the conservative vice-presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin, herself a mother of five children, holds the highest office in Alaska and was prepared to take the second-highest in the land. That's not what we expect of a "conservative" or "family values" kinda candidate. It's not what we expect at all.

And all the conventional wisdom on the "progressive" or "liberal" or "feminist" side of the aisle said that First Lady Obama would and should keep her hospital executive position, proving women can make the bacon and fry it up at home, too. But, to the chagrin of some, she has decided that marriage and motherhood trump salary and abstractly representing the cause of women everywhere (as though marriage and motherhood does not represent women).

Personally, I say "good riddance" to all the stereotypes and "hello" to another national model of marriage and motherhood. Perhaps we'll be able to actually reason rather than react with our economic though deficient assumptions.


PunditMom said...

I don't think she's decided that one trumps the other. It seems like she's decided this is what is best for now. I'm not sure what feminists you're referring to about "letting down the team." I think most women decide what's best for them at each moment of their lives, regardless of political persuasion.

LouLove said...

This morning I am grateful that my wife, former corporate exec, raking in the duckies like crazy, came home several years ago. She helps with the ministry (admin. women stuff) and today she began homeschooling our 5 year old grandson.

The money she used to make - good

The corporate trips we used to take - fun

Ministry help and Homeschooling our grandson - priceless