Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rick Warren to Participate in the Inauguration

Dallas Morning News has the details. People for the American Way are disappointed. Then this must be good news on some level.


Chris said...

Unfortunately, if you read this

You will see that it's not only People for the American Way who are complaining. It's amazing to me that Christians are criticizing such a prominent platform for such a prominent evangelical leader.

Heather said...

It looks like 'gay rights' community is angry as well. I agree with Thabithi that this cannot all be bad. I really hope his invocation is much better than Donald Millers at the DNC. (Google it on Youtube if you haven't seen it, but make sure that you view it on an empty stomach :)

christopher said...

i'm looking forward to hearing how Warren "signs off" on his prayer. i remember in 2001 when Kirbyjon Caldwell gave the benediction at G.W. Bush's inaugural. He brought the heat and ended his prayer in "the name that's above all other names, Jesus the Christ." And after receiving criticism for that, he came back in 2005 and prayed "respective of all faiths, I submit this prayer in the Name of Jesus." WWWD?

i don't think Warren needs to get political or publicly disagree with Obama on any policy. Since he's decided to accept the invitation (i'm not sure i'd do this for ANY president-elect, even if i agreed with every policy), i think he should stick closely to 1 Tim. 2:1 and consult several collects from the Book of Common Prayer regarding the nation, peace and justice.

In any event, we should pray for our brother to maintain a faithful witness to Christ.

Viola Larson said...

I put up a post yesterday about a pastor in my denomination who hates Evangelicals. He wroe "Obama is making one dubious choice after another. His latest? Selecting fundamentalist celebrity Rick Warren to invoke his homophobic, war-mongering, narrow-minded god at the inauguration."

He allowed some body in his comment section to say this:"When you "throw a bone" to vermin like Warren, you aim for the face."

I am trying to get someone in our Denomination who is an oppfical to say something about it or to him, but of course they won't. I think Evangelical Christians need to stand for Christ like never before in this country. For each other too. You can find my post at

Anonymous said...

The fact that Obama is opening the floor to Warren combined with his not choosing the most liberal cabinet members shows that he is not the bogeyman that evangelicals were screaming that he was. God is sovereign and many of us [evangelicals] failed to believe that during the election season--this is almost a rebuke to the fear mongering.

Alex Chediak said...


Another way of looking at this is that Obama has (in typical shrewdness) already begun his 2012 campaign, and he is unstoppable if he can add to his support among evangelicals.

Viola Larson said...

That’s embarrassing did I send that with all of those messed up words. One thing I am praying is that Rick Warren or someone else will guide Obama to a more biblical work with Christ. After all it would be very hard for Obama to grow in his Christian walk under Wright’s ministry.