Saturday, December 06, 2008

Why Tim Challies Is the "Oprah" of Blogdom

1. When Tim plugs a book, the sales skyrocket.

2. More women read his blog than just about any other blog on the planet.

3. You read his blog and you feel really warm inside.

4. People try to rip off his book covers (see here).

5. More people subscribe to his blog than any other (and maybe even more than O Magazine)

But then there are reasons that Tim is completely unlike Oprah.

1. His love for the Savior.

2. His commitment to the truth.

3. His love for the church.

4. The utter absence of New Age, therapeutic self-help gurus.

5. His picture doesn't appear on the cover of all his posts.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tim is going to have real trouble with the new Amazon app for the iPhone. You take a picture of what you want (Tim's book, in your friend's library) and Amazon finds it for you. Called "Amazon Mobile".

Unfortunately people will be sent the Les Parrot book.